Color palette: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre vs. Christina’s World

This is color palettes from horror movies I appreciate. The concept is inspired by Cinema Palettes on twitter.

Something about this is strangely satisfactory. It’s also a great way to see the complexity behind the aesthetics of many horror movies.

About a year ago, I learned that the painting Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth inspired Tobe Hooper in the production of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There was something about this fact which I found really fascinating. I was inspired by how he found such a gritty and creepy movie in such a beautiful picture. Hooper produced what many would categorize low culture with inspiration from something that can be considered the opposite. I think this says something about a very talented, creative and versatile man.

With TCM he made a movie that people feared, which affected many without them even having seen it. It’s not a bloodbath, and compared to movies like Saw it’s not very graphic, but there are no movies before or since that have come close to the sinister atmosphere in TMC.

I wanted to make a color palette that allowed me to visualize how Hooper was inspired by the painting Christina’s World.

Christina’s World painting by Andrew Wyeth in 1948 
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, directed by Tobe Hooper,
cinematography by Daniel Pearl


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